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Monday, September 24, 2012

Reaching a new milestone...

Closing this chapter. 

A new link will be up in the future.
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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hello blog. It has been a while.

I am back here to de-stress.

I am going through post-travel depression right now after recent trip to Phuket.

Came across an article online on coping with PTD:

10 Tips for Beating the Post-Travel Blues

1 – Immerse yourself in your hometown culture/become a tourist in your own town
Done - Hopped on a Duck Tour Bus,
Visited the ArtScience Museum &
Overlooked the city on the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Helped? It did while it lasted

2 – Take shorter trips closer to home
Possible in the near future

3 – Write about your trip
Definitely want to do this. But my heart sinks when I start to pen it down.

4 – Start planning your next adventure
Same answer as option 2

5 – Remember that everyday life is what makes travel so invigorating
Family aside, I did miss drinking tea. Been drinking 2 to 3 glasses since I got back. I need to get checked for diabetes.

6 – Eat your favorite foods from your trip
Thai food eh? Erm a little sick of it. Singapore is a food paradise. So I have better options here.

7 – Find a community that is just as passionate about travel or a destination as you are
I could. A little lazy to find one too.

8 – Make a photo album or scrapbook
Erm not my kind of activity. Hey but I could do some image design/editing :P

9 – Take a language class or join a conversation group
No! I'm a social recluse

10 – Work on your photography skills
This could work. Anyone want to get me a DSLR? I could make do with my Xperia x10 camera phone at the moment.


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Sunday, November 14, 2010

someone posted a youtube video of a woman giving birth on facebook.........
i almost bit my fingers off....

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Friday, September 10, 2010

True Blood Season 3 finale out in a few days. Can't wait for it but sad that I have got no blood to suck on till next year :(

Season 3 was like...i liked it but i didnt.

We now got fairies, werewolf and witches in addition to the vamps. RAWRRRR!
Season 2 finale ended in a hurry. I wish to savor the end of season 3.
So help me Vamps, make it good.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

fuck you jeremy
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Sunday, August 01, 2010

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Friday, July 30, 2010

You know,
I know,
I hate watching chick flick

You know,
I know,
I hate reading chick books

About a year ago,
I read a chick book.
I read it when I heard a movie was being made out of it.
I wanted to closely study how one would interpret a book visually
I read it because my sister had that book.


I would not say I liked it
But it had something in it
It did inspire me a little
(No, not the part when she masturbates herself. Or maybe it did?)

I saw the movie trailer(lazy to put it up here) and recognised the characters being played. Some shots of Bali looked beautiful. I might make a exception for this movie. And make it for my macho-ism by watching "The Expandables"
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